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808nm Diode Laser 2

2017-11-05 17:34:26


Product Description


Technical Specification



Treatment principle is based on the role of selective photothermolysis, as hair follicle and hair shaft are rich in melanin, melanin in the hair bulb matrix distribution between cells and transfer to the structure of hair shaft, the regard melanin as target to do hair removal treatment, after the target and its carrier ( hair follicle and hair follicles surrounding tissues) absorb the tremendous energy, the temperature increased sharply, leading to hair follicle tissues and surrounding hair follicle tissues damage, hair loss the native environment, it must be completely removed.

aser Type 755 808 1064 painless diode laser hair removal machine
Sapphire size 12*12mm/12*16mm/12*21mm
Energy Density 0~120J/cm2
Repetition frequency 1~10Hz
Cooling system Intelligent cooling unit diode stacks contact cooling
Pulse Width 0~400ms
Wavelength Triple wavelengths 755nm(2pcs)+808nm(4pcs)+1064nm(2pcs)
Packing size 73cm*52cm*68cm
Voltage AC 110V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz
Language English,Chinese,Russian,French or customized
Touch screen 10.4 intch color touch lcd screen
Product  Feature

Big spot size and 10 HZ repetition rate,and the "IN-Motion" intelligent mode to bring the fastest the treatment speed to 10shots per second, which will save much more time to do the treatment.
2. Effective:
a. Strong power supply, makes steady power output
b. USA Coherent imported Laser bars, high power output.(every shot, steady energy)
3. Safe and painless:
We are using TEC cooling system for water tanks and TEC for sapphire in hand piece , so you can get 24 hour working with machine, TEC cooling system for Sapphire handpiece 0-5 °C, which makes the treatment always confortable.
4. Easy to operate interface:
Auto intelligent mode design for users, We made different presets for different parts of body ,sex and skin types, even for new users, they can operate the machine easily.

Product  Movement


Product  Installatation



Product Effect


Product  Advantage

1 . Professional 808 Diode Laser, suitable for hair with any colors
2 . Suitable for any kinds of skin
3 .Safe and Fast. It needs 3-4 treatments, the interval of each treatment are 3 weeks.
4 . No harm, no side effect.
5 .High Energy Density Output: Make sure good effective for any coloring matter -- 120J/cm2
6 .High frequency output–Make sure heating hair follicle, lasting hair removal, fast hair removal-----10HZ
7 . Big Spot Size: Fast and Effective Results------------------10*17mm / 11*11mm
8 . Strong Cooling: Instance cooling skin ,safe & comfortable---- 5 degree.


Product  Work Theory

During a laser hair removal treatment, light passes through the skin and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft. This absorption raises the temperature of the hair follicle and thermally destroys the cells responsible for regrowth.


Treatment Parts


●Intelligent human-computer interface
Parameter storage function
Intelligent matching of energy and pulse width and luminous frequency (energy corresponds to reasonable pulse width and luminous frequency) real-time display of cooling water temperature to monitor cooling water flow in real time

●Multiple design protection
Water flow alarm: when the water flow is lower than
At 0.8L/min, the software will issue a prompt to ensure that the risk of burning the handle laser and poor cooling will burn the customer.

●Water temperature alarm:
When the water temperature exceeds 16 degrees -33 degrees, the software will give a prompt to stop the illumination and ensure the life of the handle laser.

Our services

1.We have 2 years warranty, and lifetime maintenance.
2.Within one month, if the machine is of any big fails, we will send you a new machine.
3.Within 2 year, we will be responsible for the repair if equipment is with small problem,we can delivery the part to you,you fix it according to our install instructions.
4. After 2 years, we also repair the machine, but you need to pay the cost of the changed parts.
5. For your consultation, we offer on-line service.